Wart Removal Techniques

5 Ointments You Can Use for Warts Removal

Written by Dave

Ointments are viscoid fluids in the form of Oils usually containing medication used to treat an infection like warts.

There are several ointments available for warts removal with varying degress of success (based on the individual).

Check out the 5 below:

Salicylic ointment

60% salicylic ointment is used to remove warts. For the lotion to be effective, you have to clean the affected part with warm water and leave it to dry before applying the ointment. Cover the treated part with a bandage so as to prevent further infection.

Black Ointment

Dr. Christopher’s Black Ointment is an excellent cream used to treat warts. It is used externally on warts, skin cancers etc., and also acts as a healing agent. A lot of ingredients have been combined to produce this ointment. Ingredients like Olive oil, plantain, mutton tallow, red clover blossoms, chaparral, pine tar, mullein, poke root and chickweed.

Cashew Oil

Cashew oil can also serve as an ointment which can be used in treating warts. This oil can also be used to treat other infections like ringworms etc.

Six C ointment

Six C ointment is an Ayurvedic lotion which contains purified Sulphur, Zinc, Neem oil, Karanja oil, etc. The cream is usually applied 2-3 times a day. It is an excellent cream used in the treatment of warts, and it can be gotten in Ayurveda stores (a store that has its origin in the Vedic culture of India which contains natural medicine used to treat any form of infections).

Thuja Wart Removal Ointment

Thuja warts removal ointment captures the unique properties of Thuja which belongs to the family “Cypress” which is also used as an herbal medicine in the removal of warts. Thuja warts removal ointment is free from petrolatum, mineral oils, silicon, chemicals, SLS, synthetic preservatives and synthetic parabens which make it very useful in the removal of warts. The ointment should be used according to prescription, and if you notice that the skin is reacting to it, you stop using it and go for another lotion which will work best in removing your warts.

Clobex lotion can also be used to treat warts in the case of inflammation and itching. Clobex is a topical adrenocortical steroid. This lotion is for external use only.

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