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3 Steps to Removing Verruca (Plantar Warts) With Nail Polish

Written by Dave

Plantar warts are painful warts that appear on the sole, and they are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). Using nail polish to remove a plantar wart may not be effective as it is not exactly scientific and nail polish is not created as a kind of medicine to remove warts.

There is a “Suffocation Theory” that says nail polish can be used to treat verruca, not because it contain a virus-killer-organism, but because the nail polish will help to suffocate the Human papilloma virus by creating an air-tight seal around the visible growth and blocking warts from oxygen source, and in this case, warts cannot continue to grow and survive without enough oxygen.

Despite the fact that the treatment of plantar wart with nail polish is not guaranteed, some individuals still apply this nail polish to treat their warts, and it works successfully. Some steps however need to be taken to be able to apply and use nail polish.

3 Steps to Removing a Verruca (Plantar Wart) Using Nail Polish

Step 1: Wash Feet

wash feet warts

First things first: you’ll need to ensure you have a clean ‘workspace’.

As such, before moving on to the treatment proces, you should make sure that your feet are washed thoroughly, and then must be cleaned and dried completely.

Step 2: Brush the Wart

nail-polish-wartTake a bottle of nail polish and use the brush attached to directly paint the polish over the surface of the wart on the foot.

Some people combine remedies to enhance the overall effect and decrease the treatment by first applying Salicylic acid on Verruca, and then paint the nail polish over the warts. After using the polish, you still need to check if the nail polish has covered warts entirely.

Step 3: Apply Adhesive Tape

duct tapeThe nail polish can be worn off, so after you have given enough time for the nail polish to dry, you may have to cover the treated area with an adhesive tape to protect the layer of the varnish, and in this case, the oxygen level will be reduced further.

The nail polish will begin to starve the warts of oxygen, and there will later be a kind of black appearance on the wart which indicates that the wart is dying and it shrinks and then fall off. Using nail polish to paint verruca will also make warts not contagious until they disappear.

Take note:

Caution needs be taken when using this treatment because the skin still needs to breathe for it to stay healthy and if it is observed that it is not working, you can opt out of the treatment and remove the polish from the skin.

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