Wart Removal Techniques

3 Low Cost Wart Removal Options You May Not Have Considered

Written by Dave

Warts are one of those issues which an infected person would want to get rid of as soon as possible for a variety of reason both health and cosmetic – but largely because of a wart’s denigrating effect on the skin.

While there are several options readily available in the market today for successful warts removal, not all of them come inexpensively. Laser surgery, for example, can cost hundreds – and sometimes even thousands of dollars.


So the, here are our Top 3 favorite low-cost warts removal options:

Low Cost Wart Treatment #1: Iodine

iodineA few people have used iodine tincture which is a versatile product for a safe and fruitful wart removal at home. With the help of a dabber/dropper or a small wad of cotton, just dab some Iodine Tincture on the wart and leave it for a few hours.

Warts being porous absorb the Iodine and starts working from within. A newly grown wart might just take a day or two to fall off on its own whereas an old wart might take anywhere between 10 days to a month to disappear. The most important thing lies in applying it as Iodine has the property to kill HPV.

Low Cost Wart Treatment #2: Wartrol

watrolWartrol has been used extensively as a low-cost wart removal especially for the home removal of warts. It is 17% Salicylic acid and is extremely potent in removing the plantar warts and common warts. Wartrol can be applied with a brush after cleaning the area with warm water. After applying, dry it with a soft cloth.

This process can be repeated every day till the wart comes off on its own. The maximum period of use can be up to 12 weeks. It is strictly prohibited to use in cases where the person suffers from diabetes or skin infection. Wartrol is also restricted from use in case of genital warts, warts with hair on it, or warts on face.

Low Cost Wart Treatment #3: Duct Tape Removal

duct tape for wartsOne of the easiest and pocket-friendly ways to remove a mole is by using a duct tape. Though not expensive, a few people fear that it might lead to a painful removal. Apply a portion of duct tape on the wart and keep it for six to eight days.

The tape deprives the wart of oxygen leading to the wart cells being malnourished. On day 7, pull out the duct tape and scrape the wart with a new and sterilized pumice stone. In case the wart doesn’t come out with little effort, kindly repeat the process of applying the duct tape with a gap of one day for aerating the wart and the surrounding skin.

The above low-cost options can be adopted for a safe, painless and fruitful wart removal.

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