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5 Common Myths About Warts

Written by Dave

Warts are visible, unattractive growth that is visible on our skin and can be embarrassing at times, especially when they appear on the face. Myths are commonly-held but false beliefs about something or an idea which, most times, could be a misconception.

Several myths about warts exist, and these shall be discussed succinctly below.

Myth 1: Toads can cause warts

Some so much believe that Toads are responsible for warts and hence, stay away from them to prevent themselves from warts. This is one of the common misconceptions that people have concerning warts. In the real sense, toads are not the cause of warts. The actual cause of warts is the Human papilloma virus.

Myth 2: Warts are not contagious at all

There are those who hold on to the belief that warts are not transmissible i.e. they cannot be transmitted from one person to another, but the bitter truth is, warts can be spread from an infected person to a healthy body as a result of any physical or body contact.

As earlier reiterated, Warts are caused by HPV which enters the body through the bloodstream. Even when you have a small opening on your skin, it is enough for the virus to penetrate. If anything is used to clean your warts like cotton wool, it is better to dispose of properly so that others won’t get infected and so you don’t get re-infected later.

Myth 3: Warts don’t grow back once they leave

It is believed that once warts are removed, they won’t appear again. Contrary to this opinion, it is worth noting that once warts have been treated and they fall off, there is much tendency for warts to reappear again since there is no permanent cure for the virus causing it.

The only thing that can be done to manage and reduce it to its barest minimal level is to visit a dermatologist on a frequent basis, and you can also prevent yourself from getting warts by washing your hands frequently, especially when you have come in contact with an infected person.

Myth 4: Warts are impossible to treat

It may seem to everyone that treating warts is nothing but an effort in futility. Several methods have however been identified in tackling the ugly experience of warts, and that are useful in the actual treatment and removal of warts. In fact, when it comes to the unfortunate myths about warts, this is the worst of it all as it stops persons who are infected from seeking and getting treatments.

Myth 5: Warts can’t cause cancer

It is, to a large extent, true that most warts are not cancerous themselves i.e. they don’t cause cancer, but they are just benign (non-cancerous) growths. There are however certain types of warts that cause cancer, as we have in the case of genital warts which lead to cervical cancer. Sexually active females have increased the probabilities of getting this infection as well.

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